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News about Sunke media group ,18,Jan,2012

  • 1 , Traficz and DomainApps paid ,2,DDC and Dotzup and many other CPA company  will send payment on March 15.
  • Thanks for Joining Sunke Media Group
What you really care about is : " what will i get from Sunke media group ? "  The answer is simple :" Money ,fast and huge,easy and free ".
Sunke.info(Sunke Media Group) was founded in the summer of 2007, In the past 5 years, We helped Thousands of people with big amount of earning. our mission is Provided you with quality targeted traffic of CPA ,CPM ,PPC ,Domain Parking Limited quality Feeds.We are serving clients in all regions of the world right now !
We are still looking for New business partners just who have :
Domains Parking:
Hotkeys (Yahoo)
CPA Network :
Contact me right now ! Lets do it !   Huge Cash are waiting for you !

  • We are going to get payment from Trafficz and DomainApps on  March 7
If you have not already, please fill in the IRS W-9 Form (for domestic) or the W-8BEN Form (for international) to ensure your payment is not delayed. Payment will not be processed until this information is completed and returned to your account manager. Thank you.
Please Use BanWires , ACH , Or Paypal  to receive the Money . Do not use Check ,we have no time to wait
  • We are Looking for  Publisher account  partnership in those following networks
Domains Parking:
Hotkeys (Yahoo)
CPA Network :
March .1.2012 -by admin
  • DDC,TZ,PK/DomainApps,DZ still making good money 
8th Feb , We have successfully get payment again ! DDC,TZ,PK/DomainApps,DZ still making good money  ,We have a great TQS with Every good PPC Feed  , Clients Very happy to work with us !  Every Paid Account/Client Will have A new Revenue Level.
Sunke Media Group . Feb,9.2012
  • [Sunke Media ] About DomainApps and New JV
I find that DomainApps very hard to add new domains !  Please do not remove  any of your domains from your account !

By the way :
We need more partners about  who have  account in Dotzup.com
We are accepting to run a new company  Hotkeys.com
Sunke Media Group  /  Domain Parking Department. 2012.2.4
Quality Traffic Provider .CPA & CPC Joint Venture Since 2007.
  • We need more accounts in ,Dotzup ,Hotkeys .
    Domainapps new accounts not accept to JV now 

    Sunke Media Group  /  Domain Parking Department. 2012.2.1
    • Next Payment Time is 7th Feb

    Hello dear clients :

    Our Next Payment Time is 7th Feb . From DomainApps/parked.com  and  Trafficz.com

    what's important :

    1, add your w8/w9 to your account before payment .

    2, Setup your payment method(Paypal,bankwires,ACH) to your account before payment.

    Sunke Media Group  /  Domain Parking Department.Feb 1 .2012
    • As we all known , Domain Parking accounts making good money , 

    But , Not everyone can earn this big money , why ?

    Because Join those company is not a easy job ,
    Some one successfully got one or some , some one can not get even one account ,
    Is there any Secret about how to Get an domain parking account ?
    Yes !
    Sunke Media Group is here and guide you how to get an domain parking account !
    every of us want Join the big company and get an account , We can help !
    Click here : http://www.sunke.info/2012/01/sunke-media-joint-venture-jv-account.html

    Have a nice day !
    Sunke Media Group / Domain Parking Department.2012.1.21
    Quality Traffic Provider .CPA & CPC Join Venture Since 2007.

    • Hello dear friends :
    This Mail is let u know that W4.com  just sent payout !

    Please check your bank account to see if any new money comes . and let me know the result !

    W4 is a good company aways paying ontime . If u have account in W4 please connact me !

    Have a nice day !  
    Sunke Media Group  /  CPA Department. 2011.1.19
    Quality Traffic Provider .CPA & CPC Joint Venture Since 2007.

    • Hello everyone :
    Congratulations to both of us !  We have Got TQS=10  in many of  Trafficz accounts !  That means our traffic quality is Excellent !

    Recently many clients asking me  why his accounts revenue is so Low , I want answer here :  Different  accounts with different will have a different RPC  (  Revenue per click) .  by Yahoo , That means Hot  Key words  Domains will have a better RPC , will have a better $$$ . If u can add some key words domains , will helpful to increase Revenue and RPC

    Now our PPC system working very well , So i m asking here for all my  friends : If u have any High Payout And Fast Paying Feed , Please Feel free to let me know !

    Have a nice day !  
    Sunke Media Group  /  Domain Parking Department. 2012.1.18

    • Hi,This mail is let u know that
    Domain Development Corp (DDC) will send payment in this Monday .

    If u already have a DDC account Join Venture with me , please keep eyes on your Bank account or Mail box  to see if any new money comes

    If u not have a DDC account   , please have a view http://ddc.com/monetization.php  and open an account.

    Have a nice day !  
    Sunke Media Group  /  Domain Parking Department.2012.1.16

    • 1 .The parked.com site is gone. Everything as of today is domainapps.com , So lets get as many accounts as we can in  Domainapps.com 

    Domainapps.com  will approve you  very easy !

    2. Exciting news ,Today we got a TQS=10  in Trafficz with one of clients  .

    Have a good day !  
    Sunke Media Group  /  Domain Parking Department. 2012.1.13

    • Hello ,
    You received this mail because you are friend of Sunke Media Group Domain Parking Department.

    Sunke Media Group Domain Parking Department Have Quality clicks for your Domain Parking accounts right now .

    Your Accounts will have a Traffic Quality Source  9  , Feel free to ask me for Screenshot proofs if u need .

    Now :

    We are running :


    We want try but not have any account yet:


    We are ready to work :

    Thanks for your attention!


    Sunke Media Group  /  Domain Parking Department. 2012.1.12

    • Hello
    I want to personally thank everyone part of Sunke media group for making us the leading CPA& CPC Join Venture Business in the industry.

    I still remember in the beginning of 2007 ,when I was a college student ,when I was a newbie of online marketing ...  In the Past 5 years . Many of  friends helping me to Learn ,I was Partnering with many big guys .Yes of course  both of us making good $$ in JV Business

    2011 was one of our largest years yet, and I promise that our team has put our lives into making this network for you . We are still work just as hard as we always did to make you good Money !

    Running  Sunke Media Group is truly one of the most important things in my life, and I truly thank everyone of you for being part of our community.

    Sunke Media Group is my baby and will always remain that way. I respect my partners like they are family, and you have my full commitment that I will do everything in my power to make you more money in 2012

    We are still opening our Join Venture business for every friends now , If u want make some fast and free money just simply mail me at Info@sunke.info  , or just open our home  www.sunke.info

    We build a new system called "Quality traffic System " in the summer of 2011 , so our  CPC traffic Source is really good now , Parked Gave us a TQS=8  , Trafficz gave us a TQS=9 .... that's Proof of  our Quality traffic!

    Once again, thank you for your business and baring with me throughout the year (that, in itself, is an accomplishment).

    Sunke Media Group  www.sunke.info

    Jan,1 ,2012