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Competitive Web server - Windows & Linux

Sunke Hosting is a great choice for simpler workloads and fast deployments of web applications, websites, and business software. Easily create a Windows remote desktop environment for workspaces and remote economy shops, or set up game play proxies for your team in no time. The Free Plesk Hosting Plan even includes three domains. Our data centers are located all around the world, including the US, GB, FR, DE, SG, JP, IN, and AU.

For simple web applications, we offer pre-configured development stacks like LAMP, Nginx, MEAN, and Node.js, making it effortless to get your web application online. You can also create a stunning website with ease using our pre-configured applications such as WordPress, Magento, Plesk, and Joomla.

Running your open source or commercial software for your business is also made simple with Sunke Hosting. Launch your line-of-business software, including file storage and sharing, backups, financial and accounting software, and much more, with ease. We offer a variety of operating systems such as Centos, Ubuntu, Debian, and Windows Server.

Linux Virtual servers Price:
 $2 USD/mo 
 512 MB Memory 1 Core Processor 20 GB SSD Disk 1 TB Transfer* 
 $3 USD/mo 
 1 GB Memory 1 Core Processor 40 GB SSD Disk 2 TB Transfer* 
 $100 USD/mo 
 32 GB Memory 8 Core Processor 640 GB SSD Disk 7 TB Transfer*