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Yahoo!, Microsoft and AOL Announce Advertising Agreements

Yahoo!, AOL and Microsoft today announced agreements to offer each other’s premium non-reserved online display inventory to their respective advertising customers.  By early 2012, Yahoo!, Microsoft, and AOL expect to have the opportunity to access each other’s non-reserved inventory to achieve the benefits of scale and efficiency.
“We’re thrilled to partner with Microsoft and AOL and bring to market what we believe will be a more efficient, effective and more effortless way to access true premium inventory and formats,” says Ross Levinsohn, Yahoo! EVP of the Americas. “There has a been a significant shift in how inventory is bought and sold, and we’re now 100% focused on controlling our own destiny, working directly with marketers and agencies and driving better returns for our advertising partners.”
The announcement underscores Yahoo!’s commitment to growth and innovation in the performance display advertising space.
The partnership is not exclusive, and the three companies will continue to compete with each other. Agencies, advertisers and publishers will still be able to do business with the individual Yahoo!, AOL and Microsoft ad networks.
By integrating one another’s real-time bidding (RTB) technologies to facilitate the availability of non-reserved inventory, by early 2012, Yahoo!, Microsoft, and AOL expect to have the opportunity to access each other’s non-reserved inventory to achieve the benefits of scale and efficiency. The Microsoft Advertising Exchange and Yahoo’s! Right Media Exchange will initially serve as the two marketplaces from which the partners can procure this inventory for resale to advertisers and agencies. AOL may, at its discretion, opt to use its own exchange technology solution subsequent to the launch of the partnership.
The partnership is based on the premise of audience-based selling across a large number of sites and is not expected to affect direct sales made by each partner’s respective internal teams. In addition to the United States, Yahoo! and AOL will have an agreement that extends to Canada. Microsoft’s Canada business is not participating directly in the agreement.

Domain Development Corp (DDC) Becomes Yahoo First BOSS Sydication Partner

As we indicate earlier this week one of our advertisers and one of the companies we have been parking domains with for years, has become the first approved Yahoo! Search BOSS syndication partner.
Domain Development Corporation (DDC),   in becoming the first Search BOSS syndication partner of Yahoo, gives developers global access to Yahoo! Sponsored Search results and benefit from revenue generated by their BOSS-powered products.
We congratulate Our friends at DDC for this accomplishment.
Here is the official announcement:
Every day thousands of developers drive Yahoo! Search BOSS traffic, serving millions of queries a day. Many of these developers have requested the ability to access Yahoo! Sponsored Search ads to monetize their BOSS innovations. Starting today, in partnership with Domain Development Corp (DDC), our first approved Yahoo! Search BOSS syndication partner, developers can get global access to Yahoo! Sponsored Search results and benefit from revenue generated by their BOSS-powered products.
We invite you to apply to qualify for this program to have Yahoo! Sponsored Search ads appear on your sites. You will need to provide details about your product, including information about your traffic sources, UI framework, and implementation.  Once your product is approved, you will have access to and support for Yahoo! Sponsored Search ads, and you will earn a revenue share.  You can apply at our partner’s site: www.ddc.com.
Please note that in signing up for this Sponsored Search ad program, you will be entering into a contract with a third party, not Yahoo!, and the third party will be providing support and sending you your earnings.  Other Yahoo! Search BOSS Ad partners may be online in the future, so stay tuned for updates.
By now most of you are aware of the Yahoo!-Microsoft search deal, which is still undergoing regulatory review.  While no decisions about BOSS have been made at this point, we will let you know as soon as we figure out the details. These key services will continue to operate for a period of time after we complete migrating our services and technology.
We are proud of the rich community of developers and entrepreneurs who share our enthusiasm for opening search and who continue to amaze us with innovative BOSS implementations. Thank you for your support.
Ashim Chhabra
The Yahoo! Search BOSS Team


  • Introduction

I see many newbie’s asking how they can get approved by CPA networks and unfortunately, still there is no well-organized and step-by-step guide that helps them.Actually it makes me sad when hear that these newbie’s are really passionate and working hard to make money online
but the process of getting into CPA networks makes them down.
Ok wait a minute; if you do not know what a CPA network is or what it does, there is no worry. I am going to give a brief yet useful information about CPA networks but I won’t go through the details since this guide is mainly about “How to get accepted by CPA networks” not “What is a CPA network?”. I recommend those who still do not have any idea about CPA networks to do more research about affiliate marketing and CPA networks since this is a SERIOUS business.
I should say that many fellows have presented some appropriate guides which might be enough for majority of affiliate marketers but what you are about to read is my own unique method. I used this method for all the CPA networks and got approved with 100% successful rate. This method is neither a secret nor a magic. This is what I have learned and optimized through my career of being an “Internet Marketer”.
Well, it is not too difficult to get into each CPA network you want, but you have to consider some “Key Points”. By keeping in mind those points and implement exactly what I am going to tell you in this FREE guide you can get approved by any, any, any network within 3 days. Frankly
said, most of times you get into a network in less than 2 hours using this method.
It should be mentioned that I am going to give you a legit and honest method. I am not going to teach you how to lie to CPA networks. This method is completely ethical.
If you do not believe me then go ahead and implement the presented method. You’ll see that it is easier than you think. After learning the process no CPA network can stop you. I know you might be saying “I have done what I could but they did not accept me” or “this is another guide that is only waste of time”. Common friends, trust me, you will be laughing at your concern some day.
I remember when I was applying for the first CPA network I was worried about being rejected
right away and I know you might have the same feeling…
OK no worries guys ‘n gals, go ahead and read the guide carefully and implement the same
method. That’ it!

  • What is a CPA Network?

CPA stands for “Cost per Action”. It means, you get paid when some action happens. This action can be entering email address, submitting zip (postal) code, signing up for a web service, buying a product and much, much more. You may say so what? I just enter my email and get paid? The answer is, you are not supposed to do the Action, youmust have others to the action for you.
Ok what benefit does this Action have? Answer: there are many online, offline services that need emails, zip codes, and personal information of people for their business and they just ask you to do so. They want you to collect that information or sell their product. The good news is they pay you in return. You may not believe me but people are making living this way. This type of marketing is called Affiliate Marketing.
Affiliate marketers collect the data for business owners and get paid up to … there is no limit. I personally know some guys earning 50k+/month online. Yes, by just promoting CPA offers. Yes, by just marketing for other business owners. And if I say that there are hundreds of thousand business owners pay affiliate marketers you will get the idea!!!!
Ok, so what is a CPA network? These kinds of networks just list the CPA offers for affiliate marketers and ask them to promote the offers using legit ways. The affiliates then will promote the offers to real people with their own method. Each affiliate has his/her own unique method that could bea secret!
Where do the CPA offers come from? The business owners or so-called “Advertisers” go to CPA networks and want them to add their offer to the CPA offers list. Why should the networks do this business? Is there any benefit for CPA networks? Of course there is, no one works for free!!
The business owners pay some money (say $10) to the CPA network for each conversion (or the Action stated above) they make. Then the CPA network gives a portion of that to the affiliate who is promoting the offer (e.g $7.5). Therefore, a win-win-win situation occurs for the business owner, CPA network owner, and affiliate marketer.
Well, this is about power of numbers, just imagine that you, as an affiliate, can generate 10 conversions per day for that offer. You will earn $75 per day or $2250 per month and that is only from just one offer. If you promote just 10 offers, then your earning would be $22500 per month. Can you believe this? J
As the money rules, CPA network do not allow every person promote their offers. They want you to apply for the network. The network then will review the application and make a decision based on provided information in your application.

  • Which CPA Network Do I choose?

I suppose that you have currently selected the networks you want to apply for. It is better to get into as more as networks you can but my experience shows that at most 3-4 of them work for you. The others pay much less compared with those top 3-4. I recommend you first apply this method to 2-3 of them and once you get used to it, go ahead and do the same for top networks.
Personally I mostly work with 2 networks and I am really happy with them. They pay on-time and have higher payouts in my opinion. My top 2 networks are:
Maxbounty and Adkaffiliate (Hydra)
The mentioned networks are not the only high quality networks out there but I prefer to work with them since I feel I have to be loyal to them besides their quality!!!!
Feel free to do research. For example, Google “Best CPA Networks” and you will find lots of
networks and reviews of CPA networks. The points you want to keep in mind are their payment frequency, their payouts and their reputation.
You can go to www.affiliatepaying.com and find lots of reviews about CPA networks.

  • How to Apply for a CPA Network?

After picking your network, you should go to their website and look for term”Publisher” or
“Affiliate” around the website. I am going to explain the application process for Maxbounty CPA
network although it is almost the same for other networks.
Simply click on link below then you’ll be redirected to their Website
Network’s Link:Maxbounty
Picture below shows the home page of Maxbounty CPA network. Just click on the “Become
Publisher”, the red button in the middle of the page, to get to the application page.
After clicking on the mentioned term an application form would appear and you are supposed to fill the fields using appropriate information. This page is such important that if you fill it right you are 50% done!

  • How Do I Fill the Application Form?

Well, as I said before it is really important that how you fill it. Each every single filed on that page is IMPORTANT. One of the mistakes that newbies make is they just fill the form with useless information. In this section I’m going to show how you should fill out the blanks.
1 - Contact Info: In this section you give your personal information to the network such as name, email, desired password for your account and …. Below is a list that might be questionable to you.
· Phone: give your personal phone number. This is the number they are going to call you with to verify you. Some networks give you a call only once and if you don’t take that call they’ll reject your application.
· What instant Messenger Do you use: I am not sure why most of people in this business use AIM as their main messenger but I recommend you do the same. Select AIM through the drop-down menu.
· What is your Instant Messenger Handle: If you have not created an account in AIM just
go to AIM.com, download the messenger and create an account. Then write down the username you created.
· How did you Hear About MaxBounty? Just mention your source that introduced
MaxBounty network to you.
2 – Postal Address: The next section asks you toenter your mailing address. Just go ahead and write your mailing address.
3 – Site Info: Next one is an important section which is called “Site Info”.
This is what most of newbies ask about. How do I have a website? I do not have technical knowledge to create a website, what should I do? What is that www.yourdomain.com thing? I cannot afford to pay for a website! Can I just ignore this part?
Wait, wait, wait!
I am going to answer all your questions. Just give me a minute!
In order to create your website you need a domain and a hosting account. A domain is what your site is going to be called like google.com, yahoo.com, msn.com. A hosting account is where you store you website materials, so the others would be able to have access to your website.
Where Can I Get a Domain: I personally use Godaddy domain registrar and I am happy with their prices and services. You can buy a .com domain for as low as $7.5/year and that is lower than the money you spend for your coffee per week! Keep in mind to Google “godaddy coupon” before buying your domain since there are plenty of promotional coupons out there that reduce the price.
Where Can I Get a Hosting Account: There are many hosting services out there. I personally use
Google Blogger.com free blog .The advantage of mentioned services is that they have one-click
WordPress installing option. It means by only pushing one button your website is ready to use.
If you have any issue regarding setting up you’re website just shoot me an email using the email address given at the end of this guide. I’ll work it out for you.
After setting up your website you need content and a nice theme. Just Google “wordpress theme” and you’ll find a massive search result with thousands of pages offering free WordPress themes.
You can fill your website with any content you want but make it look professional. As I said a nice theme helps your website to be a qualified one. Your content would be better to be about a specific niche.

  • Do I Really Need a Website?

The answer is no, but having a website convince the networks that you are serious about your business. Take my advice and build a website, this website even can even help you make money in the future.
Believe me or not, I make $1-2 a day from my first website I created for just applying to networks. There are a couple of AdSense ads on my website that deposit about $2 into my account at the end of each day. You see, making a business online means earning money from all your resources. $1-2/day might seem nothing but what if I tell you it covers my domains and hosting fees!

  • I Built My Website, Now What?

Ok, let’s get back to the main topic; which is filling out the application form. In the “Contact Info” they ask about your website URL and your traffic. Just go ahead and put your website URL in the field.
There is a field that asks about your traffic and you should describe how you drive traffic to your website. These are the possible answers you may have.
- “I drive traffic to my website using SEO. I try to get ranked in search engines for the niche. I am planning to capture the leads by offering a free gift and then sending follow- ups containing CPA offer. The visitor goes through an opt-in form and receive the free gift before receiving the follow-up messages”
- “I am selling affiliate products on my website and look for to find a reliable source for my links. Since my website has good traffic (n/day visitors) I think I can monetize it using your CPA offers”
- “I am writing about *your niche+. I think I have a good number of buying visitors. I plan
to pick a CPA offer and write a post around it to have the visitors do the offer.”
- And much, much more. Just be creative in your answer. Do not give general explanations; be specific. All the networks like to hear a plan from you.
4 – Payment Info
This is where you can indicate your payment option (PayPal, Check, and Direct Deposit). Choose the one that fits you the best. There is no difference between each of them although some networks may have different minimum payment limits. For example, they pay you by PayPal whenever you want but if you want to withdraw your money using Direct Deposit the payment should be $100 at least.
5 – Other information that may be asked
As I said before, I explained the application process for Maxbounty. However, different networks can have their own way. Some other questions may be asked that I listed below.
· What Niches you promote: Simply name the niches you work on. Again, do not give a general answer like “I promote lots of offers in credit report, dating offers, pin submit, weight loss, teeth whitening, insurance offer …”. They will drop your application with no doubt. Give them a couple of type of offers with details like “I promote dating offers mostly Black and Latin ones. I use mostly Plenty of Fish and Facebook advertising platforms to run my campaigns. Also, I am running a couple of mature dating and planning to expand my business to those offers …”. See the difference. If you were the one who reviews the applications which one would you approve? The second applicant looks more professional.
· What Other CPA Networks You are in: Do not lie to them. They may go ahead and ask the network if you joined them or not. I recommend first to apply for a couple of smaller networks then apply for your top ones.
· How Do you Plan to Promote the offers: Again give specific answer. Some answers that
you can give are:
- “I build websites around niches and write SEO’d articles as the contents. Also, sometimes I hire someone to do the same for me. Then I do off-page SEO to get my website rank in search engines and drive organic traffic to my website. By writing a good call to action sticky post, I capture leads”
- “I build a landing page and create an opt-in form using an autoresponder service.
Then I drive traffic to the landing page by PPC traffic sources such as Google Adwords or 7search.com. The visitors will enter their emails to get a free gift in return. After being opted-in the visitor will be receiving follow-ups messages containing the offers’ links.”
- Just be creative, imagine that you are the network owner. What would you liketo hear about an applicant’s plan?
Now you are done with application, you can hit the submit button. Y
If you have any question about the application form you are submitting just drop me a line and
I’ll answer your question.

  • The Most Important Part is Still Remaining

By now, I suppose that you have submitted the application. Another mistake that people make is to wait to hear about the network’s decision. As I said before, by submitting the application you are 50% done. Still another half, which is more important than the other half, should be done carefully.
Q: “Come on, tell us what this so-called Most Importantpart is”
A: This is about Application Inquiry.
Q: “How should I do inquiry on my application?”
A: I’ll tell you but first I should give you more explanations
I always say to my friends that CPA networks look for Serious affiliates. They are eager to get these people in as soon as they apply for their networks. Why? Because the more the affiliates generate conversions the more the networks earn commissions. Therefore, the key point here is to do inquiry after you submitted the application.
There are three ways you can reach them:
1 – By Email
2 – By AIM
3 – By Phone
You can find the networks’ contact information on their websites or www.affiliatepaying.com.
I prefer to call them over phone and talk to one of their affiliate managers. They will go ahead and ask some questions, mostly the same questions you answered in application form. If I cannot reach them by phone I sign in to my AIM and trying to chat with them using the Instant messenger. The last option is to send them an email which I do not recommend since they may give you a general answer such as “There are lots of applicants and we are currently evaluating them one by one”.

  • What should I say when I am doing inquiry?

Well, that is a good question.
Do not spam them! Just politely ask them to review your application with an acceptable reason. They need a reason! This is even more important than doing inquiry. Always think of a reason before contacting them.
Usually I begin the conversation as below
“Hi *the affiliate manager’s name+, this is Omid*my name+. Do you have a minute?”
After saying hi, he/she would ask if he/she can help you. I would say:
“I just submitted my application to your network and was wondering if you can expedite the application process. Since I am planning to run some dating campaigns on POF (or Facebook) I am looking for some high converting dating offers. I did research on offervalut.com and noticed that you have some good offers in this niche.”
Read above paragraph again. Take a look at underlined phrases. The key-points are :
Being Polite: “… I was wondering if you can expedite the application process.” Instead of saying
“… approve my application”
Having a Reason: “I am planning to run some dating campaigns on POF (Plenty of Fish)”
Being Serious: “I am looking for high converting dating offers” Having a specific plan: My plan is to promote dating offers on POF Being professional: “I did research on offervaults.com …”
They may also ask some questions about your plan in details or your income from affiliate marketing. Tell them truth but in a professional style!
Well, let’s review what we had in this guide as a conclusion.
First we went through the definition of CPA offer and we found out what CPA networks do. We said that they have a pool of CPA offers and let affiliates pick some offers and promote them. By generating legit leads they get paid. We said that some affiliates make living using this method.
Then we discussed about the networks and application form. I mentioned that filling out the application form is very important since the networks evaluate the applications based on the provided materials.
I told you how important it is to build a website that looks professional and I showed you how you can create one. Using a good domain registrar and web hosting service building a website takes no time. You can simply create a website using WordPress. If you have any problem setting up your website just contact me with provided contact information at the end.
Eventually, I revealed my secret that how you should contact a network owner and ask them to expedite your application process. I mentioned some key-points that help you getting approved easily.
Last but not least, I want to thank you for reading my guide and I hope you enjoyed it. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any issue on implementing the presented method. You can find my contact information on the very last page of this guide.




Basic Promotion, Search & Affiliate Marketing

“Create them and they picked up’t come.” The following unique statement adjoining a promotion of sites is however true. An individual’onal produced your blog, fixed-up your check along with completion alternatives, plus revealed the item for the Entire world to determine. What exactly upcoming? Effectively, until you include promises to promote your solutions, if you don't come about, particularly if you have got a small supplement collection. You should right now begin luring potential buyers to the web page. online store remedies companies will usually supply suppliers 2 teams of promotional gear.

The oldest and most common form of promotion involves search engines. The newest trend in promotion, created by both the eCommerce solution providers and search engines themselves, is the development of vast advertising networks comprised of “affiliated” merchants.

Affiliate marketing

Several internet commerce platforms supply marketer along with combination advertising alternatives. Therefore once you setup your current save, it is possible to instantly supply to cover profits for visitors your internet site. Including actual purchases or perhaps company just looked at a person's advert. Driving traffic in your save is not the issue on this web site, however it is of course a key component on your success.

There are two important points to be aware of:

  1. Promotion is no longer a hobby – it is a profession and an art. If you don’t know what you are doing, you will pay a high price and likely lose a lot of money.
  2. Watch your affiliate traffic for fraud. This is an unfortunate part of affiliate marketing, especially for traffic coming from outside the US. Losses can be staggering, and you foot the bill. The eCommerce providers make money on volume – good or fraudulent – so it’s up to you to monitor this troublesome issue.
Affiliate Networks

A growing number of internet commerce remedies give one of these Online Cpa affiliate networks. In accordance with Wikipedia, “Internet marketing is an World-wide-web-based mostly advertising and marketing process in which a business gains one of these associates for every single targeted visitor or even consumer from the affiliate's promotion endeavours.” More simply, the product owner connects to software enabling different websites to operate a vehicle traffic to their own. The particular mechanism that hard drives clients is usually a exhibit or maybe banner ad put, or maybe a hyperlink. Any time a potential customer uses a keyword rich link to the website in addition to expenditures a program, then this circle (plus referring internet) draws some sort of cost.

What really defines this system as a network is that these referral relationships are reciprocal. In addition to placing ads in networks to drive traffic, you yourself may actually host ads from the networks and receive compensation. One of the largest affiliate networks is AdWords/AdSense program by Google.

  • With AdWords, merchants can choose to advertise on affiliated sites that sell items or provide content related to their products. So, in addition to appearing on the search portal itself, the merchant’s ads will appear on affiliated Web sites based on the criteria specified by the merchant.
  • AdSense  is the “alter ego” of Google’s AdWords paid search program. With AdSense, merchants can choose to host ads from the AdWords network on their site, and they will receive compensation for any business they drive to the advertiser. Many eCommerce solutions will allow their merchants to host ads from such networks as Google, Yahoo, and MSN.
Internalized Affiliate Networks
Although many e-commerce suppliers will help you to coordinator adverts with the big yahoo and google, in addition , they function their central tools. Reg.Net, regNow.org, Simply click Standard bank and also Amazon online, one example is, most run their particular online websites. Because these companies are likely to compliment free of charge industries (ourite.gary., a digital items), these people show higher numbers of “mix-pollination” and thus are more able to operating revenue versus the google. In case you constructor your retailer using Amazon you obtain each direct page views plus cross marketing choices. Digital Riv comes with a great affiliate system by oneNetworkDirect. Therefore, vendors should be guaranteed to consider these systems when picking cost as well as eCommerce answers..

Search Engines

Natural Search and Search Engine Optimizations (SEO)
Google, Digg, as well as Msn access the world wide web together with “automated trading programs” and “bumblebees,” indexing immeasureable Content. Even though search engines almost never bare their particular sets of rules, almost all index websites depending on appropriate articles. Which related content is sometimes a strong model because of the search engine optimization through the words (“search phrases”), titles, as well as other aspects with your Web sites. A lot of online business alternatives offer series as well as marketing equipment that will help you optimise your web blog in a way that viewpoint customers will discover the keep whenever they query google search. A number of solutions will likely distribute your site to your yahoo and google automatically.
Paid Search
Paid look for is a support offered by practically all search engines like yahoo. The best paid out lookup software can be Pay per click , worked by way of Search engines. Contrary to organic lookup, paid out look for works entirely upon keywords or sets of keywords (words). Vendors offer towards additional retailers to get related keywords which in turn result in sponsored advertisements whenever potential clients find these kinds of terms or terms about the seek web site. Paid ads look adjacent to a natural search engine optimization. The Posting’ohydrates place depends upon the amount of the particular bet. In most cases, paid investigation can be acquired only with the search engine optimization organizations. This design, nonetheless, is essential to help realizing a key promotion resource referred to as the Marketer System.

Payment Models in Affiliate Marketing

While doing internet affiliate marketing on the internet, you are going to find a wide variety of settlement styles used to determine the installments among retailers, web publishers, companies, google et cetera.
"To have an marketer, this could appear to be a fantasy become a reality, your never-closing steady flow of revenues. However, it's not considering that the complete earnings might be bigger than which includes a PPA style, typically..."”
How payments are generated
The models differ in the level of action that they require from a web visitor in order to generate a payment:
  • Pay per impression (PPM)
    A payment is due as soon as the ad is displayed, for example in a search engine.
  • Pay per click (PPC)
    In this model it suffices that a visitor clicks on a link for a payment to be generated.
  • Pay per action (PPA)
    No payment is generated until a referred visitor takes conscious action at the site, for example, makes a purchase.
Duality involving costs in addition to payments What "Cost" as well as "Shell out" can be used as exactly the same thing nevertheless by distinct gatherings interested in an understanding. An affiliate that will try to create creates a site gets paid every cause, even though the internet site this draws the actual brings incurs a price a steer. A single man's payment is another male's price; it truly is so simple as this.
Pay per click / cost per click
The PPC payment model lies in between PPM (pay per impression) and PPA (pay per action). With PPC, a payment is generated as soon as a web visitor clicks on the link.
As a publisher, PPC is the payment you receive as soon as someone clicks on your link. For obvious reasons, the amount paid is usually very low, and it's only by driving massive amounts of traffic that you can receive any important sums this way. At the same time, your effort doesn't have to be very costly either.
Cost per click is the cost you pay each time a web visitor clicks on your PPC ad in a search engine such as Google. In Google Adwords, PPC ads are combined with a bidding system where advertisers bid for high placement of their ad by specifying their highest PPC for specific search terms.
Pay per action / cost per action (or acquisition)
Cost per action, Cost per Order and Cost per Sale compare the investment in a campaign to the number of sales or orders or other kind of specified actions that it generates (such as visitors signing up for a newsletter or providing personal financial information.)
CPA may also mean Cost per Acquisition, meaning that you get paid when a visitor that you referred qualifies as a customer with the merchant, for example by signing up and making a first purchase.
PPA payment agreements relieve the online advertiser of some uncertainty involved with PPC and may give the ad investment a better value. It gives the merchants perfect security in their exposure on a large number of affiliate sites.
As an affiliate, these solutions shift some of your control to the merchant, since you'll depend to a large extent on his or her ability to convert your leads into actual sales. On the other hand, you have no other engagement than launching an appropriate marketing campaign. A very popular model.
Pay per order / Cost per order
See PPA / CPA.
Pay per sale / Cost per sale
See PPA / CPA.
Pay per lead / Cost per lead
In this payment model, costs and payments are generated for each qualified lead that an affiliate sends to the merchant. For a lead to be qualified, it usually takes some sort of achievement from the visitor, such as providing an email address, filling out a form, completing a survey, and so on.
Some businesses, such as mortgage loan brokers, are known to pay very well for leads even though most of them don't lead to a purchase, since the average return per lead is so high.
Revenue share and lifetime value
Profits share suggests that your internet marketer isn't going to acquire check for any lead as a result, and also once the visitor signs up with all the reseller, yet obtains a component of which buyer's upcoming shelling out for this vendor web page. In the event that option is persistant devoid of time limit, it's called life time cost. You receive ones planning around the patient's expenditures indefinitely. This can be a common work in some portions, for instance internet on line casino online programs, where online receives ongoing commissions for many gambles expressed by any introduced participant. To have internet marketer, this might sound like a wish the reality, the by no means-concluding supply with income. Having said that, it's not given that the whole profits will likely be larger than having a PPA product, an average of. Furthermore, because of this form of revenue, your business research along with preparing are going to be made fairly complicated.

Easy and Big $$$$, Domain Parking JV!

  • Hi All,
My partner and I have been in the Domain Parking business since 2007 , and our total monthly revenue is around $250k - $300k per month.
We have an opportunity for people who own domain parking accounts to partner with us. Unlike a lot of other traffic sources who use bots, we send REAL visitors to your parked domains. This simply means that it is unlikely any accounts will be banned.
Why do we need your accounts? Simply put, we want to spread our earnings because our own accounts with these networks are maxed out and we do not want to draw too much attention that we are actively sending traffic to the domains. Hope that answers your questions if you are skeptical.
We're looking for about 5-8 accounts at the moment, so first in first served (after the proper screening of course). The accounts we seek at this time and their respective earnings, are:
  1. DDC ($4k - $20k per month)
  2. Hotkeys ($6k - $10k per month)
  3. TrafficZ, and; ($3k - $10k per month)
  4. ParkLogic (up to $15k per month)
  5. Parked.com  (2000$ per month )
  6. Dotzup.com (2000$ per month )
  7. firstlook.com ( if u have please lets make test )
  8.  IDEO.net ( if u have please lets make test )
  9. marchex.com ( if u have please lets make test )
  10. Hitfarm.com ( if u have please lets make test )
And you will need a portfolio of about 50-100 domains (.com .net or .org) for us to send the traffic.
1. Payment on time, everytime. Without us having to chase you down.
2. The no. of accounts you have with us
3. How transparent you are in your communication (no hiding things)
Also there are a lots people who has domains but without parking accounts , they asked a same question ,
it's "how can i get an account,any details?"
Now i will answer here :
You need at least 20 domains,and the more the better.
Domains need to be .com or at least .net to be approved.
You need to use real phone number,and it's better to use your real info.
Casue it's possiable that they will phone you to ask some stuff about your domains.
If they ask you about how do you optimise your domains,tell them:"I was using my domains for CPA promotion,i used to do SEO"
I think I have covered everything I want at this time so If you have the above accounts, please contact me via pm.
Many Thanks for Your Kind Attention

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Domains parking informations

Knowledge base vehicle is definitely cheap technique to unafraid a domain with regard to after exploitation, redirection associated with Web traffic, or re-sale. Knowledge domain registrants, or retailers, normally offer world parking liberal along with knowledge base adjustment, every bit there is certainly which has no be included in domain airport parking. A left world comes with one simple paginate. In case the land site is intended pertaining to growing, the particular foliate will argue it's under construction or even not far off. Knowledge domain car parking is usually restored yearly, and there's no contract about every time a situation required highly-developed. You might find an individual get into’MT have plenty of time, or you might attempt to allow knowledge domain expire by the end in the take, ordinarily 1 year. In such cases, the sole investment missed is usually a couple of $ $ $ $. If you opt to produce your own knowledge domain, you have got to pay for web host companies when this occurs. The best web host service will give you adequate infinite on your internet site plus virtually any particular website programs or providers you must have. In the event the knowledge base has published, it is no thirster left. If you have a successful site, yet another usage of knowledge base airport parking is usually to dependable covers a lot like your main internet site and also airt traffic at that place - a lower priced solution to safeguard your site. For example, wiseGEEK.net redirects people to the correct web site, wiseGEEK.com. The primary knowledge domain will be parked. The actual parked world does not need to shack on the same server host as the main web site.
Some people use domain parking for the sole purpose of ‘re-selling’ the address - transferring ownership to a buyer for a fee. This occurred more in the early days of the Internet, when major companies had yet to arrive and were willing to pay a high price for their trademark names. Laws were eventually enacted to protect trademarks, but a parked page can still advertise the sale of a domain.

If interested in domain parking, keep in mind a few considerations. Most domain registrants offer hosting services, but you may or may not want the domain seller to host the domain once it is no longer parked. Be sure to check that the domain seller does not retain any rights to the domain. The buyer should have the power to control the domain’s registration information, and most importantly, the ability to transfer the domain to an independent hosting service when and if desired. Check to see whether a fee is associated with transferring the domain.

Domain Parked world monetization

World parking can also consider a marketing exercise generally known as left knowledge domain monetisation put-upon primarily away domain registrars and also Internet advertising web publishers so that you can monetize typewrite-inward dealings going to A left as well as minimally developed website. This website usually resoluteness into a web page including publicizing bookings along with links. These kind of golf links is going to be specific for the actual predicted interests on the visitant and will change dynamically using the results that readers select. Commonly a demesne holder is paid based on how numerous links are stopped at (e.G. ppc) additionally , on how good those people trips are. The keywords and phrases for any precondition website ply indicators as to the enwrapped on the visitant ahead arriving. Another make use of knowledge domain auto parking might be a proxy for an existent web site. The world bearer can also elect to redirect an internet site to an alternative site it offers listed, through either URL redirection, domain of a function cloaking and also aside going it as a great also known as with the briny domain, despite the fact that if this sounds like created by the greatest registrant, your domain of a function is then utilised, in lieu of parked. Run out fields that have been erstwhile sites will also be sought-after(a) for parked domain monetization. An internet site that has been victimized as being a internet site and it is permitted to expire bequeath still assert the majority of their earlier one way links. These types of fields ordinarily appeal his or her major number of visitor dealings ab initio afterwards beingness stated from the world drop cloth listings. Every bit site employees plus search engines like yahoo will remove the past links, this targeted traffic to the particular parked domain of a function bequeath fall. Is essential re-process expired names is recognized as dropcatching as well as versatile domain name registries bear vary type of views on the idea.[one] On domains which has a i-pawl execution, A simply click A keyword and key phrase is not needed to build promotions. A promotions ar precise based on the domain. Domains together with II-dog implementations demand a click on a search phrase or perhaps keyword and key phrase lookup to generate ads. There are certain knowledge base airport parking providers of which attempt to focus on website name holders (domainer) as well as act middle men to dish promotions for auto parking pages. The airport parking websites are spread mechanically on the knowledge base holder's web attribute when they frequently customize the public figure servers and also onwards your Link.

what i need now !

For  CPA marketing  there are many good networks ,   here are some Big ones :


For  Domain Parking( CPC)  marketing  there are many good networks ,   here are some Big ones :


Please let me know if u have any others that paying ! We can run all the company only if they paying ! 
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