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  • What you need is : High payout and Fast Paying Feeds 
  • We do not work together if you are not an honest people !
  • For you ! the hacker , why u keep sending DDOS attack to my website from June 2011 ? who are u ? I'm looking forward to chat with u online
Whats Sunke Media Group
Sunke Media Group was founded in the summer of 2007. In the past 4 years, We helped Thousands of people with big amount of earning. our mission is Provided you with quality targeted traffic of CPA ,CPM ,PPC ,Domain Parking Limited quality accounts , we have partners with some Big Famous people such as Terry Nelson and Brett Sizemore .we making big and Crazy $$ in partnership business! We are still looking for new partners .You are welcome to become new friend of Sunke now !

Partners FeedBack
We're an A+ Better Business Bureau rated way to earn money at home!

We've helped thousands of people just like you earn an incredible income at home. We'll show you how to get started with as much, or as little, time as you want. Fill out the form today to get started!

 This is not a make money with ebay program.
 You won't be asked to stuff envelopes or fill out surveys.
 This isn't a job - this is an income at home opportunity!
 This is a way to make real cash from home.
 This is a way to control your own future.
 This is something anybody can do.
 We will support you 100% of the way with your own success coach.

Thousands of people are using our system every day from home

Rosalyn and Chris S. - In the last two years, we've travelled around Australia and overseas!

"In the last two years, we've travelled around Australia and overseas, turning our holiday dreams into reality.
We've been able to drastically reduce the number of hours we work for someone else and now get to kiss our boys goodnight every night!
We're on track to make this business our full time job within the next six months.
This income is verified and real, results you can expect are available here.
With Sunke Media Group , Making money has never been so easy. Get ready for your life to change.--->

George and Marie Darke - From Bankruptcy to a monthly income of $14,522 USD!

"Our income now exceeds anything I ever had in the corporate world, including the most successful period in our own construction company. Travel is now an exciting part of our lifestyle and we have visited numerous overseas countries, as well as much travel within California

This all came because we made the decision to change, took action and are truly on track for total financial freedom..."
This income is verified and real, results you can expect are available here.
With Sunke Media Group , Making money has never been so easy. Get ready for your life to change.--->

Chondelle and Matthew Bell - Earning over $20,000 USD per month!

"I started with the step by step training offered and in under to 2 weeks I found my feet. By the end of the next 6 weeks I had made almost $3000 USD profit.

We now live in a stunning home, drive incredible cars and enjoy a dream lifestyle with our family, earning over $20,000 USD per month."
This income is verified and real, results you can expect are available here.
With Sunke Media Group , Making money has never been so easy. Get ready for your life to change.--->

Want see more pictures ? clcik --> Money Screenshots

Here's how you can get started!

Step 1

Go to this link, find which networks making money now ( which type of partnership I need recently ) Which accounts Marking money now

Step 2
Follow the directions and set up an account with the networks . Then you need to get your Account approves ( I can not help you in this step , also its the reason why I need you to make money with me together ,You must have some source )

For Newbie's Guide Available here (all free ) :

Step 3
Let me know which success you have got , then We make decision to get start  . lets start make some cash online now !!

Step 4
In next month , or Next week ,You get payment from The Famous Networks ( for example ,Yahoo & Google ) . During this Time , You have no work to do but only waiting for your $$$
Deposit your Earnings by check or direct bank transfer. (Making money has never been so easy. Get ready for your life to change.)

Support Infomation
  • Our team is always ready to answer your questions or hear what you have to say about our products and services. Please reach out to us at any time!
  • Interested in working with us? Be sure to check out our FAQs to see if your question may be already answered! Contact our team at Info@sunke.info
  • Current Partners and Clients: Are you already working with us and need product or service support?  Feel free to contact your account manager, or contact support  Info@sunke.info

Live Chat
(Email is the best Connect way, But if u need immediately support ,come to see me here )
  • AIM : sunkeinfo
  • Yahoo messenger: spk2589       
  • Google Talk: Info@sunke.info
  • ICQ: 463498703
  • MSN: Info@sunke.info
  • Skype: sunkeinfo1

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Welcome to Sunke Media Group

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Service and Rules

Sunke Media Group

  • Sunke Media Group have two Joint venture business right now : Leads/Sales joint venture and Clicks/Vistors joint venture , you can choose any one to make money with us 
  • Sunke Media Group provides you absolutely FREE services before you get any profit.from your source. After you get the profits which come through our work, you may pay us the agreed percentage of your total revenue according to the agreement 
  • Sunke Media group is the third part beside Cliets and Networks  
  • Sunke Media Group provides services only to the Limited source, We may stop traffic to you at any time.
  • Sunke Media Group provides traffic After we made agreement ,but you may submit a tiket for STOP traffic at any time with any reason .We will only share the profit which have been made .
  • Situation is constantly changing. In a period of time, your source is valuable, will make a lot of money, but in another time period, it become worthless.


  • You may find which source is good recently by contact us through email or live chat,members will get email noticement directly.
  • You may email us and give any new source for traffic test 
  • You may email us and ask which source is working well recently
  • we may send you offical invoice to help you reduce tax if you need
  • Long time partners and trustable friends will have better revenue than newbies
  • You may choose to pay us before start working on some specal feed request .


What's Sunke Media Group?
Sunke Media Group (Sunke.info)is a professional online marketing management and SEO service organization .It was founded in the summer of 2007, In the past 8 years, We helped Thousands of people with big amount of earning. our mission is provided you with quality targeted traffic of CPA ,CPM ,PPC ,Domain Parking Limited quality accounts

What’s online advertising?
Online advertising is a form of promotion that uses the Internet and World Wide Web for the expressed purpose of delivering marketing messages to attract customers. Examples of online advertising include contextual ads on search engine results pages, banner ads, Rich Media Ads, Social network advertising, interstitial ads, online classified advertising, advertising networks and e-mail marketing.

How does your service work?  / How to make money with Sunke Media Group?
As simple as this  Firstly, you find offers, Tracking links and send  them to me , secondly ,i will promote them with my traffic . Thirdly, you will get money from Networks finally, we share $$$

Where doesTraffic come from?
We have Thousands of Websites with Good Rank from Google and yahoo
We Keep Buying Email list from webmasters
We Buying Face Book accounts with big friends list
We buy cheap clicks from Networks like Advertise. com

Is it safe?
Do not worry about it. we have 8 years of experience in this market since 2007 , we have made big amount of earning for our friends .

How much money I can make throughSunke Media Group?
Depending on yourself, someone makes $10k daily with our Great service...How much money you make depends on these reasons:
1 do you have good relationships with your affiliate manager.
2 do you have good offers to promote with me.
3 Are you always honest to me (I only make big money with Trusted partners)
How to send reports?
Some times I'm asking U with a report. That means I want to know
Please answer those questions with Screenshot reports ( Jpg, Gif, Png ..)
How much money we earned last month?
How much money we earned this month?
Last 7 days how much money we earned?
Which offer made money in the last 7 days?
How many leads we made in the last 7 days?
Is there any offer Getting clicks bu no lead in the past 3 days?  List them here, and send me new offers tracking links so replace them

Can you help me Reduce my tax?
Offical inovice can help you reduce government tax

Can i introduce my friends to Join Sunke Media Group?
Yes, Sunke Media Group welcome more friends to join us and you will get % money from your friends earning   , the % depends on how much money your friend earned with me. You can only introduce your friends to Sunke Media group, 

Making Money Through Domain Parking

Why work hard to generate money when domain parking takes almost no effort and pays well?
Your choice: work on a domain to generate an income or NOT work on a domain and still generate an income. It’s a difficult choice!
Domain parking is one method of earning money from domaining. It’s sweet in that it involves comparatively little work compared with developing a website or selling domains, yet can provide a good income. It scales incredibly well, allowing you to profit from thousands of domains, whereas realistically no one could ever develop that many domains. Despite this, many newcomers to domaining have a lot of misconceptions about domain parking. To help, this article covers some of the basics of domain parking.
“What is Domain Parking?”
Domain parking is pretty simple, really. You let a parking company display ads on your domain. The parking company normally has a contract with Google or Yahoo! to use their ad feeds. A visitor to your domain clicks on an ad, the advertiser pays Google or Yahoo!; Google or Yahoo! pay a share of the revenue to the parking company, who pays a share of the revenue to you.
“How Do I Park My Domains?”
After your buy or register a domain, you will need to register with a parking company (and eventually it makes sense to register with several parking companies if you are serious about domain parking). The parking company will tell you how to use their service. Normally, this is through changing your name servers. The parking company will also give you options to target the ads that appear on your domain, for instance, by setting a keyword for the ads.
“How Do I Get Traffic To My Parked Domains?”
Aaaah. Finally, we’ve run into the catch. Parking companies strictly prohibit you from doing anything that would increase traffic to your domain. Sending traffic to a parked page (for instance, through advertising, link building, etc.) is against all parking companies terms of service. The logic behind this is that Google and Yahoo are trying to get their ads in places where they don’t already control the traffic – not recycling traffic that already exists.
Parking is for domains that have pre-existing traffic (normally through direct navigation). This normally means generic dot com’s and generic ccTLDs, typos, and domains that were once websites.
The key to success in making money from parking is owning domains that get natural traffic. Without the traffic, there is, well nothing. Parking isn’t about getting traffic to domains – it is about monetizing pre-existing traffic. To make money from parking, you need to research buying domains that already have traffic (by using various tools available, such as AlexaGoogle external tool, etc).
Tip: If a domain doesn’t get traffic, there is no sense in parking it. In fact, I would generally recommend against it, as parking a domain can increase the chances of a UDRP happening if the wrong ads appear on your domain.
“What parking companies are there?”
Domain parking is a very competitive industry, so there are a lot of choices available for you to park your domains. Here is a list of the main parking companies (in no particular order):
1. Parked.
3. HitFarm.
4. Sedo.
9. Ddc.
10. WhyPark.
11. Ideo.
12. SmartName.
13. Bodis.
14. Skenzo.
16. Sendori.
17. DotZup.
19. GoDaddy.
20. ParkQuick.
21. Hotkeys.
23. iMonetize.
“How do you choose a parking company?”
Yes, that list above is somewhat overwhelming. The best way to do this is through trial and error. For someone just starting out, learning the ropes, and with only a few domains, Sedo may be the place to start parking. Park your domains there for a couple of weeks to get a baseline for performance. Then, you can play around with keywords and altering layouts to see if you can increase revenue. After that, you can move your domains around to other parking companies to compare performance.
Different parking companies have different strengths. For instance, NameDrive does well for my .uk domains and I’ve heard that they are good for a lot of the European ccTLDs. Sedo is reputed to pay well on adult domains.

“How Do You Increase Parking Revenue?”
This boils down to trial and error. Look at keyword lists to find out what keywords pay best in your domain’s niche. Try different ones out to see if that makes a difference.
As well, each parking company also offers different layouts for your parked pages – different ones work best for different niches. Test them out and see what works best for your domain.
Also, move your domains to another parking company. Some parking companies perform better for some niches.
Finally, if you earn enough money from parking, you can always approach your parking company and ask for a larger revenue share.
“Is parking revenue declining?”
From everything I have seen and heard, there is a strong downward pressure on parking earnings. To a certain extent, you can offset this by aggressively testing and moving your parked domains to better layouts and to parking companies that convert more effectively, as well as negotiating higher revenue shares.
A lot of people seem to think that parking revenues are declining because the parking companies are getting greedier. While everyone wants to earn more money, myself included, I think that the parking industry is far too competitive for this too happen. People can — and do — switch parking companies all the time. There are simply too many alternatives available for any parking company to start getting too greedy.
Rather, the revenue downturn is likely due to other factors, such as Google and Yahoo! paying out smaller shares to the parking companies, the general bad economy, and the fact that advertisers can now opt out of advertising on parked pages.
“Is Domain Parking Evil?”
There is a lot of commentary in the blogosphere about domain parkers being evil, useless, lowlifes. Actually, come to think of it, there is a lot of commentary in the blogosphere about domainers being evil, useless, lowlifes. However, even many domainers claim that parked domains are useless and the general public does not like them.
My developed websites get a 5 to 10% click through rate on the ads and my parked pages get a 50% plus click through rate. From that, it seems to me that people are finding what they are looking for on parked pages.
The fact of the matter is – the traffic is already coming to the parked pages. You have a choice of showing your visitors nothing, or parking the domain and giving your visitors what they are looking for. How that can be evil is beyond me.
As well, parked pages provide more choice to consumers – they can choose from several companies offering what they want, versus just one company if a website were there.
In real life (is there such a thing?) people pay good money for publications like Autotrader, which are not much more than a bunch of ads. Is Autotrader evil? I certainly never heard anyone make that claim. Claiming that putting a version of that online makes it evil smacks of jealousy to me, more than anything else.
“What does the future of domain parking hold?”
It is really hard to say, and any statements would be highly speculative. There is no doubt that changes are going to happen with domain parking. When the changes do occur, they will likely happen fast. A prominent domainer with a knack for predicting the future is rumored to have said: “Personally I would expect Google to pull the plug on the domain channel in it’s current form and I would expect that to happen at anytime.”
Most, if not all, facets of domaining are high risk, potentially high reward, and domain parking is no different. I think that the key to being successful with domain parking is to choose domains that have the largest amounts of type in traffic (well, that and obviously buy the domains for a good price). If you do that, you will weather favorably any changes that happen to domain parking. The fact of the matter is that regardless of what happens to domain parking, your targetted traffic will still be there. That traffic is valuable and won’t go to waste – new ways will spring up to monetize it.

the list of great networks

Last modified:  Jan 2, 2013

Domain Parking PPC

Trafficz.com : This is the best domain leading parking company ever came out. Trafficz.com gives its customers Number#1 service. They value their customer as a member of Royal family. You can make sure that you will be happy and smile if you have chance to do business with them, you can get the fastest email and phone service. Customer care is in the first Place. They are incomparable. Their domain monetization, their assistance when you have a problem with a domain is the upper level of all. They give the best service whatever you ask and need.

DDC.com : This company is not an older one just as trafficz.com. They do not give domain parking accounts to everyone although domainers have some good domains. They are very strict about opening parking accounts. But if you have chance to have an account from DDC, it means that you are very lucky and begin to earn. Their service is also good but not the best one.
Established in 1997, Dotzup is a leading Direct Navigation Technology Development and High Profile Domain Name Asset Management Corporation. We specialize in managing and growing the valuations and revenues of our owned and operated and partner’s premium domain names.

Domain Apps is a refreshingly easy way to customize your domains to maximize your revenue. Whether you decide to develop your domain into a site or monetize it through parking, Domain Apps' simple interface will help you get the most out of your domains.

Affiliate Marketing CPA

MaxBounty - Best CPA network for affiliate marketing programs
A unique CPA network providing weekly payments across hundreds of ad campaigns, as well as a $1000 performance bonus to new affiliates. 

Specializing in lead generation, client acquisition and mobile advertising, Neverblue is the leading global performance marketing company. Harnessing the ...

The History -Our Service is under attack at May 2012

The History -Our Service is under attack at May 2012
Last modified:  May, 2012
We are under attack by hacker ,but Our Service will never stop !
Why some one are hacking us 
Competitors anger, our quality service to win more customers.Competitors can not survive

What type Attack the hacker doing
1,distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS attack) To our Contact  Email address
our Email box   under attack by hacker , receiving 100 spam mails per second . Our Mail server too much busy ,We can not receive mail from customers some times .But now , Luckily ,  Google Apps is strong  enough to keep us away from that .

2,distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS attack) To our website :www.sunke.info
The Hacker sending us 10000 visitors   and 1000,000 page views in a very short time .our Web server going down because of too much request . But now , Luckily ,  Google Apps is strong  enough to keep us away from that .

Our Service will never stop ! 
Sunke Media Group was founded in the summer of 2007. Our aim is Provided you with quality targeted traffic for your Advertise feed .In the past 5 years , We have helped many people achieve their dreams. We are still doing the same just like what we  did in the 2007 : leading the free money jump into your pocket.

Send  us a Email for any question :    Info@sunke.info
If you can not reach me by Email,  You need talk with me online  !
----->Live Chat
AIM : sunkeinfo
Yahoo messenger: spk2589    
Google Talk: Info@sunke.info
ICQ: 463498703
MSN: Info@sunke.info
Skype: sunkeinfo1


Follow the News about Sunke Media group , Get the Last point of how to make huge and easy Cash ! 

Many friends keep asking me which account is good for money .
but Situation is constantly changing. In a period of time, your account is valuable, can make a lot of money, but in another time period, and become worthless
Because of so many people keep asking me questions every day , When some source is good, i can not remember who have the source.
In order to get the latest information in a timely manner, in order not to miss any opportunity to make money,

Sunke Media Using  the new Google Groups,The new Google Groups is an improved way to participate in online discussions.
You will be able to access this group via the web at: https://groups.google.com/d/forum/sunke-media-group

Revenue level

How much money you can make Depend on your "Revenue level"
Revenue Level Revenue Daily ( USD ) Request
New account,New client
Lv2 50New account,Valid client
Old account,New client
Old account,Valid client
VIP Member-vip3
Old account, Valid client,Special client
VIP Member- vip4
Special Client,Special Feed
VIP Member- vip5
Valid client.Special Client,Special Feed.
Leading Network Owner.Special Feed.
VIP Member- vip6
VIP Member- vip7
  • New Client means New people who want JV
  • Old account means have at least twice payment history
  • Twice Paid New client become Valid client.
  • Twice Paid New account become Old account.
  • Special Feed means Best Accounts.
  • Leading Network Owner means Big Partner.
  • Pay me to Upgrade to VIP Member


As we all known , Domain Parking accounts making good money ,
But , Not everyone can earn this big money , why ?
Because Join those company is not a easy job ,
Some one successfully got one or some , some one can not get even one account ,
Is there any Secret about how to Get an domain parking account ?
Yes !
Sunke Media Group is here and guide you how to get an domain parking account !
every of us want Join the big company and get an account , We can help !

 Play the domain name for many years, the formal domain parking lot of experience, more in-depth study on the typo traffic. Over a period of time to engage in under the areas of cooperation within the parking of large, their individual characteristics, to share with you in this.

Often referred to several parked large including ddc, the tz, hk,, pl, dz, once bj, pk and other areas of cooperation. So-called large, does not refer to formal do earn more money, but high tolerance brush

These large different temper:

DDC: Approval handled quickly, but the domain name the quantity and quality requirements are higher. Normally within one working day to follow up, intention to cooperate will call you.

The TZ: submit up to one hundred domain names, check the the whois mailbox and parking account to apply the mailbox are consistent, inconsistent, then let you verify. The approval is faster, generally 1-3 working days for follow-up, intention, then just call or to e-mail you about telephone interview time. By telephone interviews, the day will receive an approval email.

 HK: its parent company to do refuse collection points listed on the "demand" media, the threshold and attitude are very high, to be the domain of large quantities to apply for the job or direct disregard, there is no rejection letter.

PL: Australia, application processing is slow, but the threshold is not too high, the application page prompts to submit up to 10 domain but in fact submitted no problem, be sure to submit. Intention, then after a few days to e-mail about the telephone interview, or call directly to you.

DZ: low-key a very good number, the application page is extremely simple, and can only submit 20 names, generally apply to finished on the go down the drain.

 BJ: SK, civilian version (SK once the threshold of the month one million IP), a period of time is very fierce, and then there was also the account legislation approved, and DA merger, the account is not difficult to under.

PK: old parked Company, like does not involve the trademark typo domain, focusing on the flow strength of the domain name rather than goods. Day injury in the second half of 2011, with WP at the end merge into domainapps currently operable.

Parking account of another unstable or have fallen Incidentally:
 DS: The default is google advertising source, and is the source of Google's search advertising. Another yahoo advertising source can subscribe on the cool. Next number is not difficult, no telephone communication, ordinary account little maneuverability.

SN: The following numbers is not difficult, no telephone communication, account little maneuverability.

ID: seems to have to die.

HF: high threshold, difficult batch.

DA: once good, now and BJ merge some of the characteristics of partial BJ did not have to engage.

In addition some of the Review:
 1, a number of domain names to apply for parking when, the proper packaging of the flow is very important. Do not deliberately exaggerated the traffic and revenue, so that would be counterproductive. I have a few number of great free application for the tz domain name is very long, the the suffix majority is not com, but the flow of the right packaging, telephone interview smoothly and directly won. There is no fixed routine, as long as the interpretation pass, no problem.
 Do not use applied parked number of domain name to go to apply for the same account, in particular, are rejected, they should not be rejected by the domain name doped to apply with other clean domain. Perhaps some accounts such as ddc can be tolerated, but most accounts this is very sensitive.
 3 parking account abbreviations table:
 DDC = ddc
 TZ = trafficz
 HK = hotkeys
 PL = parklogic
 DZ = dotzup
 BJ = bigjumbo
 DA = domainadvertising
 WP = whypark
 DS = domainsponsor
 The PK = parked
 SN = smartname
 ID = ideo
 HF = hitfarm
 SK = skenzo

As for the regular domain name parking, especially small and medium-sized (regular parking income less than 1,000 knife), I to recommend bodis, no threshold, google advertising source on the global traffic support, but do not cheat, a no-brainer.

Click on the picture to see details ,Connect with Sunke Media Group to Get more tips !

  • here are some tips on how to get them

1. You need at least 1 domain,but the more the better.
domain's whois must match the info you apply with.

2. Type in your real info,They will phone you to verify your info.

3. If you are not from the country they allowed to register,go find some proxies.
And search some people's info from google,use it to register.Keep in mind it should match your proxy's ip.
For example,you can't use a canadian proxy ip,but you register with a korean info. 

4. After your registration, they will contact you in 2-3 days normally. 
They will send email,or make a phone call(90% case).If they phone you,they maybe ask you
some questions about your traffic source,and how do you optimise your domains.
tell them like this:
"My domains has some natrual type-in traffic." 
"I used my domains for SEO"
"I used my domains for promoting CPA"

1)The domains you use it's only for apply the account,after the account approved,
2)I will park my own domains there.So you won't lost or sell your domains,just the empty parking account!
3)the more domains you apply with the higher chance to be approved.
But there are also some people get approved with 1 quality domain.
4)You can use all your domains apply with different companies.