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Easy and Big $$$$, Domain Parking JV!

  • Hi All,
My partner and I have been in the Domain Parking business since 2007 , and our total monthly revenue is around $250k - $300k per month.
We have an opportunity for people who own domain parking accounts to partner with us. Unlike a lot of other traffic sources who use bots, we send REAL visitors to your parked domains. This simply means that it is unlikely any accounts will be banned.
Why do we need your accounts? Simply put, we want to spread our earnings because our own accounts with these networks are maxed out and we do not want to draw too much attention that we are actively sending traffic to the domains. Hope that answers your questions if you are skeptical.
We're looking for about 5-8 accounts at the moment, so first in first served (after the proper screening of course). The accounts we seek at this time and their respective earnings, are:
  1. DDC ($4k - $20k per month)
  2. Hotkeys ($6k - $10k per month)
  3. TrafficZ, and; ($3k - $10k per month)
  4. ParkLogic (up to $15k per month)
  5. Parked.com  (2000$ per month )
  6. Dotzup.com (2000$ per month )
  7. firstlook.com ( if u have please lets make test )
  8.  IDEO.net ( if u have please lets make test )
  9. marchex.com ( if u have please lets make test )
  10. Hitfarm.com ( if u have please lets make test )
And you will need a portfolio of about 50-100 domains (.com .net or .org) for us to send the traffic.
1. Payment on time, everytime. Without us having to chase you down.
2. The no. of accounts you have with us
3. How transparent you are in your communication (no hiding things)
Also there are a lots people who has domains but without parking accounts , they asked a same question ,
it's "how can i get an account,any details?"
Now i will answer here :
You need at least 20 domains,and the more the better.
Domains need to be .com or at least .net to be approved.
You need to use real phone number,and it's better to use your real info.
Casue it's possiable that they will phone you to ask some stuff about your domains.
If they ask you about how do you optimise your domains,tell them:"I was using my domains for CPA promotion,i used to do SEO"
I think I have covered everything I want at this time so If you have the above accounts, please contact me via pm.
Many Thanks for Your Kind Attention