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Welcome Here

Sunke.info was founded by a middle school student who learned basic knowledge from online forums Digitalpoint and Namepros.

From its beginnings, working out of HK university’s house near Victoria Beach, the team prioritized their commitment to offering publishers a diverse selection of high-yielding campaigns and providing the best publisher support in the industry. As a result, Sunke.info experienced rapid growth, rapidly moving to an office on Main Street in Hong Kong center. Sunke.info grew so fast, Inc. named it as one of the top 25 fastest-growing 2008 workspace teams in China.


We are reselling web hosting service through IXwebhosting and made a success amount of $50,000


We make out the domain parking business through TrafficZ and Smartname, reached $4000,000 wealth in total


We mixed work with Affiliate marketing and start building relations with big people to reach the success as much as $8000,000

2018- now 

Sunke Media Group keep working as well as before.

Technology-Enabled Digital Media Distribution

Sunke.info® is the leading global ad-tech company leveraging innovative, performance-driven brand and marketplace solutions to connect consumers and advertisers. We deploy a robust database of consumer intelligence and leverage our industry-leading digital media distribution to provide customer acquisition campaigns that grow businesses, offer visibility into the customer experience and provide accountability for every media dollar spent.

The Best Team in the Industry

There are no shortcuts in life. To make a difference, you need to have the willingness to struggle, fight and persist. Sunke.info is a team with grit. We’ve got the guts, the courage, the passion and the motivation to create change. We are redesigning the win, transforming the game and revolutionizing the advertising of tomorrow.

Sunke.info is the leading online advertising and affiliate agency. Our experienced management team and high-speed support have made us the successful online advertising and affiliate network in the world. In addition, we’ve formed partnerships with hundreds of publishers worldwide to provide advertisers with targeted Ads. With its ability to reach hundreds of millions of users through hundreds of websites and mobile apps we are the best choice for Affiliates and Advertisers.

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Sunke.info is an innovative global solutions provider of digital performance advertising and a connection point between digital advertising clients and their prospective customers.