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As we all known , Domain Parking accounts making good money ,
But , Not everyone can earn this big money , why ?
Because Join those company is not a easy job ,
Some one successfully got one or some , some one can not get even one account ,
Is there any Secret about how to Get an domain parking account ?
Yes !
Sunke Media Group is here and guide you how to get an domain parking account !
every of us want Join the big company and get an account , We can help !

 Play the domain name for many years, the formal domain parking lot of experience, more in-depth study on the typo traffic. Over a period of time to engage in under the areas of cooperation within the parking of large, their individual characteristics, to share with you in this.

Often referred to several parked large including ddc, the tz, hk,, pl, dz, once bj, pk and other areas of cooperation. So-called large, does not refer to formal do earn more money, but high tolerance brush

These large different temper:

DDC: Approval handled quickly, but the domain name the quantity and quality requirements are higher. Normally within one working day to follow up, intention to cooperate will call you.

The TZ: submit up to one hundred domain names, check the the whois mailbox and parking account to apply the mailbox are consistent, inconsistent, then let you verify. The approval is faster, generally 1-3 working days for follow-up, intention, then just call or to e-mail you about telephone interview time. By telephone interviews, the day will receive an approval email.

 HK: its parent company to do refuse collection points listed on the "demand" media, the threshold and attitude are very high, to be the domain of large quantities to apply for the job or direct disregard, there is no rejection letter.

PL: Australia, application processing is slow, but the threshold is not too high, the application page prompts to submit up to 10 domain but in fact submitted no problem, be sure to submit. Intention, then after a few days to e-mail about the telephone interview, or call directly to you.

DZ: low-key a very good number, the application page is extremely simple, and can only submit 20 names, generally apply to finished on the go down the drain.

 BJ: SK, civilian version (SK once the threshold of the month one million IP), a period of time is very fierce, and then there was also the account legislation approved, and DA merger, the account is not difficult to under.

PK: old parked Company, like does not involve the trademark typo domain, focusing on the flow strength of the domain name rather than goods. Day injury in the second half of 2011, with WP at the end merge into domainapps currently operable.

Parking account of another unstable or have fallen Incidentally:
 DS: The default is google advertising source, and is the source of Google's search advertising. Another yahoo advertising source can subscribe on the cool. Next number is not difficult, no telephone communication, ordinary account little maneuverability.

SN: The following numbers is not difficult, no telephone communication, account little maneuverability.

ID: seems to have to die.

HF: high threshold, difficult batch.

DA: once good, now and BJ merge some of the characteristics of partial BJ did not have to engage.

In addition some of the Review:
 1, a number of domain names to apply for parking when, the proper packaging of the flow is very important. Do not deliberately exaggerated the traffic and revenue, so that would be counterproductive. I have a few number of great free application for the tz domain name is very long, the the suffix majority is not com, but the flow of the right packaging, telephone interview smoothly and directly won. There is no fixed routine, as long as the interpretation pass, no problem.
 Do not use applied parked number of domain name to go to apply for the same account, in particular, are rejected, they should not be rejected by the domain name doped to apply with other clean domain. Perhaps some accounts such as ddc can be tolerated, but most accounts this is very sensitive.
 3 parking account abbreviations table:
 DDC = ddc
 TZ = trafficz
 HK = hotkeys
 PL = parklogic
 DZ = dotzup
 BJ = bigjumbo
 DA = domainadvertising
 WP = whypark
 DS = domainsponsor
 The PK = parked
 SN = smartname
 ID = ideo
 HF = hitfarm
 SK = skenzo

As for the regular domain name parking, especially small and medium-sized (regular parking income less than 1,000 knife), I to recommend bodis, no threshold, google advertising source on the global traffic support, but do not cheat, a no-brainer.

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  • here are some tips on how to get them

1. You need at least 1 domain,but the more the better.
domain's whois must match the info you apply with.

2. Type in your real info,They will phone you to verify your info.

3. If you are not from the country they allowed to register,go find some proxies.
And search some people's info from google,use it to register.Keep in mind it should match your proxy's ip.
For example,you can't use a canadian proxy ip,but you register with a korean info. 

4. After your registration, they will contact you in 2-3 days normally. 
They will send email,or make a phone call(90% case).If they phone you,they maybe ask you
some questions about your traffic source,and how do you optimise your domains.
tell them like this:
"My domains has some natrual type-in traffic." 
"I used my domains for SEO"
"I used my domains for promoting CPA"

1)The domains you use it's only for apply the account,after the account approved,
2)I will park my own domains there.So you won't lost or sell your domains,just the empty parking account!
3)the more domains you apply with the higher chance to be approved.
But there are also some people get approved with 1 quality domain.
4)You can use all your domains apply with different companies.