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Sunke Media Group

Founded in 2007, Sunke Media Group is the leading online advertising and affiliate agency. Our experienced management team and high-speed support have made us the most successful online advertising and affiliate network in the world.
In addition, we’ve formed partnerships with hundreds of publishers worldwide to provide advertisers with targeted ads.With its ability to reach hundreds of millions of users through hundreds of websites and mobile apps we are the best choice for Affiliates and Advertisers.
Sunke.info is a Performance Based Digital Agency, Performance based marketing is a form of advertising in which agencies, advertisers and companies only pay when there are measurable results and meet a pre-determined action.With performance based marketing: Agencies, advertisers and companies are only paying for pre-determined results. In traditional digital advertising there is usually a budget that is set in hopes of generating or obtaining results. Using the traditional digital marketing methodology, the entire marketing budget will be spent without any guarantees of obtaining the desired results and are usually left with an unsatisfying experience.