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Domain Development Corp (DDC) Becomes Yahoo First BOSS Sydication Partner

As we indicate earlier this week one of our advertisers and one of the companies we have been parking domains with for years, has become the first approved Yahoo! Search BOSS syndication partner.
Domain Development Corporation (DDC),   in becoming the first Search BOSS syndication partner of Yahoo, gives developers global access to Yahoo! Sponsored Search results and benefit from revenue generated by their BOSS-powered products.
We congratulate Our friends at DDC for this accomplishment.
Here is the official announcement:
Every day thousands of developers drive Yahoo! Search BOSS traffic, serving millions of queries a day. Many of these developers have requested the ability to access Yahoo! Sponsored Search ads to monetize their BOSS innovations. Starting today, in partnership with Domain Development Corp (DDC), our first approved Yahoo! Search BOSS syndication partner, developers can get global access to Yahoo! Sponsored Search results and benefit from revenue generated by their BOSS-powered products.
We invite you to apply to qualify for this program to have Yahoo! Sponsored Search ads appear on your sites. You will need to provide details about your product, including information about your traffic sources, UI framework, and implementation.  Once your product is approved, you will have access to and support for Yahoo! Sponsored Search ads, and you will earn a revenue share.  You can apply at our partner’s site: www.ddc.com.
Please note that in signing up for this Sponsored Search ad program, you will be entering into a contract with a third party, not Yahoo!, and the third party will be providing support and sending you your earnings.  Other Yahoo! Search BOSS Ad partners may be online in the future, so stay tuned for updates.
By now most of you are aware of the Yahoo!-Microsoft search deal, which is still undergoing regulatory review.  While no decisions about BOSS have been made at this point, we will let you know as soon as we figure out the details. These key services will continue to operate for a period of time after we complete migrating our services and technology.
We are proud of the rich community of developers and entrepreneurs who share our enthusiasm for opening search and who continue to amaze us with innovative BOSS implementations. Thank you for your support.
Ashim Chhabra
The Yahoo! Search BOSS Team