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Revenue level

How much money you can make Depend on your "Revenue level"
Revenue Level Revenue Daily ( USD ) Request
New account,New client
Lv2 50New account,Valid client
Old account,New client
Old account,Valid client
VIP Member-vip3
Old account, Valid client,Special client
VIP Member- vip4
Special Client,Special Feed
VIP Member- vip5
Valid client.Special Client,Special Feed.
Leading Network Owner.Special Feed.
VIP Member- vip6
VIP Member- vip7
  • New Client means New people who want JV
  • Old account means have at least twice payment history
  • Twice Paid New client become Valid client.
  • Twice Paid New account become Old account.
  • Special Feed means Best Accounts.
  • Leading Network Owner means Big Partner.
  • Pay me to Upgrade to VIP Member