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Domain Parking JV: Make $3000-$15,000 per month

Method: Domain Parking

Earning Potential: 40% to you

*Each acct earns a minimum of $3000/mo up to $15,000 per month.

Who Qualifies:

Those individuals with domain parking accounts at DotZup, TrafficZ, DDC, Hotkeys Preferred availability will be given to those that have 50-100 domains to use (.com/.net/.org)

Also, this is on an application only basis and we reserve the right to turn you down (i.e. Bad reputation on forum, low post counts, etc). There will be a legally binding contract to sign.

How do you drive traffic:

We use a combination of PPC/CPV and social traffic sources all of which maintain HIGH traffic quality scores for advertisers.

How long do accounts stay live:

Our accounts have been live over 8 months with no bans (this is largely because we DO NOT push it, and because our traffic is real and converts for advertisers).

*Please note that it is always at the network’s discretion as to whether or not they wish to continue to accept “paid” traffic sources.

How do you send payments to us:

PayPal, OR wire transfer (client pays wire transfer fees). We provide a professional company invoice via Freshbooks at pay time.


We do and we have. Some networks will allow both a personal and business account and we have exhausted that option as well. To be clear, we use paid targeted traffic.

This traffic is tolerated at the networks to the extent that:

1. We don't push the accounts too much and get greedy
2. As long as conversions and traffic quality stay high

As such, it is in our financial best interest to grow by expanding OUT, not expanding UP in terms of earnings per acct. It also obviously gives us a measure of risk management in case an account would not pay out for some reason.



I've spent the last week having in depth conversations with newbs about "what domain parking is" etc. I don't mind helping people learn, but I cannot continue to spend hours discussing trivial things that people should have researched prior to applying to our program.

That time takes away from customer service and helping our current clients earn. This is a serious business with REAL income potential. Treat it as a business deal and your chances of being accepted by us will be much higher I assure you.

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