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Pop Traffic


What is Pop Traffic?

Pop traffic, is driven from advertisements that open in parallel with the website they’re trying to reach. This traffic is generated in two ways: The first is when the site physically has the ad code for the popup on their property. The second is when the website visitor has a toolbar or plugin on their browser that is generating the popup. Many pop networks allows you target by keywords or domains as a way to determine when the popup should occur. 
PopAds has a ton of traffic in several geos for both desktop & mobile. The traffic can be bought for as low as $1 per 1000 so is for people looking for a ton of traffic for a cheap price.
Like most pop sources, PopAds has a ton of low-quality traffic. They’re also considered a blind network and will only pass a website ID as opposed to showing the actual referrer. This is also a source that many people new to running paid traffic flock to, because of this there are 300-400 different advertisers per country that you will have to compete against.
If your offer is simple to complete and is “impulse” driven such as Sweeps, Email submits, App installs, etc. – PopAds will do very well for you.
Popads Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Macros/Scripts
[WEBSITEID]ID of the website that was source of the popunder
[QUALITY]Quality score of the website which triggered the ad impression
[ADBLOCK]Set to 1 when visitor uses AdBlock or 0 otherwise
[FORMFACTORNAME]Form factor name
[BROWSERNAME]Name of the visitor’s browser
[CATEGORYID]ID of the category website target
[CATEGORYNAME]Category name of website target
[ISPNAME]Name of visitor’s ISP
[OSNAME]Operating system of visitor
[SCREENRESOLUTION]Detected screen resolution of the visitor

If you look at the top traffic domains in most countries, you’ll see adcash at the top. Rightly so because they have a TON of traffic. Adcash use to be a managed buy platform but just recently released their self-serve platform.
Much like the other blind traffic sources available, adcash has a lot of low-quality traffic. You will have to spend quite a bit of money to find which placements arn’t working for you and blacklist them appropriately.
If you are already having success and want to scale your campaigns on a larger source, adcash is a great place to be. Just remember to limit your variables as much as possible or you can burn through a marketing budget very quickly.
Adcash Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Macros/Scripts
[zone]Zone ID (recommended)
[lang]User main browser language
[clickid]Click ID (for server 2 server)
[time]Time in seconds since Epoch (aka. timestamp) (cache buster)
[campaign]Current campaign ID in Adcash system

Tons of inventory available for a very cheap price.
Lower quality traffic, generally adult & torrent sites.
PopCash is very similar to Popads and even buys and sells traffic with them. If your offer is simple to complete and is “impulse” driven such as Sweeps, Email submits, App installs, etc
Popcash Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Macros/Scripts
%siteid%Site ID
%cc%Country Code


One of the best interfaces I’ve used. Has much higher quality traffic than many other pop under networks.
Requires a minimum deposit of $500 for self-serve.
Wigetmedia is a great network, that hasn’t been satruated yet.
WigetMedia Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Macros/Scripts
{pid}The Placement ID the visitor came from.
{adId}The ID of the ad.
{campaignId}The ID of the campaign.
{campaignGroupId}The ID of the campaign group.
{advertiserId}The ID of the advertiser
{width}The width of the ad
{height}The height of the ad
{country}Two letter country code according to ISO 3166-1
{region}Region codes. Usually three letters.
{browser}Browser as string
{os}Operating System
{transactionId}The transaction ID can be used in S2S Postbacks for conversion tracking.
{cache_buster}Random numbers to create a unique url so that browser cache will not be used.
{cost}The CPM/1000.

Tribal Fusion has a lot more premium publishers than others in the space. They also make it much harder for advertisers to get on, so there is a lot of opportunities.
TribalFusion allows their publishers to have multiple popups on a page.
Desktop Pop Traffic is a dying breed in the age of smart phones and popup blockers. Because of this, however, a lot of advertisers overlook the opportunities. If your product or service is very eye-catching, and an impulse buys, then TriablFusion would be a great addition to your traffic stream.