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DomainParking -October 2011

Many undeveloped domains receive traffic from users who type those domain names directly into their browser address bar. If you own domains with this type of organic direct navigation traffic, you can be earning maximum PPC revenue on those domains using Many free domain parking service.
Monetizing your domain traffic couldn’t be faster and easier.
Intuitive account management tools to set-up, manage and monitor your parked domains.
The industry’s fastest PPC revenue payments to domain owners.
Highly relevant keyword and pay-per-click ad choices displayed to your visitors.
PPC ads are optimized specifically for each domain to maximize PPC revenues.
Landing pages viewable on wide range of browsers and mobile devices.
Eight major languages are supported on landing pages.
Advanced monetization technology serves nearly 1 billion landing pages per month
There are lots of companies giving this service, domain parking. Of course, some are good and some are not.
Lets begin from the best ones..
  • Number 1. Trafficz.com : This is the best domain leading parking company ever came out. Trafficz.com gives its customers Number#1 service. They value their customer as a member of Royal family. You can make sure that you will be happy and smile if you have chance to do business with them, you can get the fastest email and phone service. Customer care is in the first Place. They are incomparable. Their domain monetization, their assistance when you have a problem with a domain is the upper level of all. They give the best service whatever you ask and need.
  • Number 2. DDC.com : This company is not an older one just as trafficz.com. They do not give domain parking accounts to everyone although domainers have some good domains. They are very strict about opening parking accounts. But if you have chance to have an account from DDC, it means that you are very lucky and begin to earn. Their service is also good but not the best one.
  • Number 3. Hotkeys.com : This company is the rising value in domain parking world. They offer great tools for your domains to optimize. Again if you have good domains, and if they get organic hits, you can get more with hotkeys parking accounts. Maybe in the time, they will be in the 2nd or 3rd position in domain parking world.
  • Number 4. Bigjumbo.com : They also give better service but they are very much strict about everything. They only care about your domains but not you. Their customer care is down. You never lose anything if you do not have the best domain names. I recommend you to develop your domains instead of parking with bigjumbo.
  • Number 5. Parked.com : Parked.com company is again a good domain parking company. They care their customers and try to give best service. When you open a new parking account with them, they welcome you with great smile and they try to do whatever they can do. You can be happy with them and earn enough.
  • Number 6. DomainSponsor.com : In the past years domainsponsor was among one of the best ones. Now they are also. You can also earn with them but they do not offer big revenue with big portfolios. If you say, “I do not care earning too much” , again domainsponsor is one of the acceptables.
  • Number 7. Dotzup.com : If you ask me , if i choose dotzup, i can say at first glance that maybe. They are a little slower and serve little happiness. They are very strict while choosing domains to give parking accounts.
    We wanted to explain some worried things about domain parking companies and their services; parking accounts. We hope that all info will be helpful, useful for the domainers who want to begin domaining and domain parking business.
Domaining and domain parking is very much enjoble but you must treat it as a real job, if it’s your job and if you obey all the rules in the domain and parking world, we assure you that everything will go without any problems.

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